tried to update your console and now your not getting back into the dashboard? 


Generally, this is one of 2 things the first is simply that the update threw a wobbly and now you have this error we can run the update again for you and hopefully this time your console will behave! 


however, it can also be down to a bad hard drive if this is the case we will advise you of any additional cost first the silver lining with this option is that you can take this opportunity to upgrade your hard drive capacity and store even more games for prices on this check-up Hard drive upgrade page


f you are purchasing this as part of our postal repair service please include

  • Your Name
  • Return Details
  • Fault Description


In the box with your phone so we can get you back up and running asap :)


Turn around time for this repair

3 hours for walk in repair

1-2 working day(s) for postal repair

Update Errors