Our top tips to help you speed up your internet

So, we last did a blog on internet speed which we hope you found helpful and enjoyed reading! Hopefully, you all managed to work out if you are getting the speed from your internet which you are paying for. In case you are not getting everything out of your internet speed, there are a few things which we find helpful to make sure we are getting the best out of our internet speed, around our repair shop. We decided to do a blog to share these tips with you. Sometimes when your internet speed isn’t what it should be, it can be fixed with one of the below tips.

If you didn’t manage to find out your internet speed previously then don’t worry, it’s not too late! Just grab your iPhone now, go onto the following ‘’ website and check the different areas of your home. This will show up any dead spots around the house and will give you the heads up for where you need to implement some changes to make sure your internet speed is better across the whole of your house. The Good news is, it really is as simple as that to check the internet speed around your home!

The following tips which we are about to share with you may not solve your internet speed issue, but it is worth giving them a go before you explore other options. These are tips that we implement within our repair shop which is based in Gravesend, Kent. Due to the electronic repairs which we carry out within our repair shop, ensuring our Wifi speed is performing to the highest standard is imperative.

So, here are the few things you can do to help with your internet speed around your home:

· Firstly, where possible use an ethernet cable and ensure you plug in your devices directly into the router. This will help to speed up your internet as Wifi signal can be affected by objects such as walls, carpets, fish tanks, and electrical interference, amongst other things. Objects are seen as blockers to Wifi routers so it is important to limit the number of blockers, by having your device plugged in directly with an ethernet cable, that will eliminate all blockers.

· The second tip which we would recommend is for you to ensure your Wifi router is up on a shelf or in a relatively good visual spot, making sure the Wifi router isn’t covered by any objects as this will also affect the Wifi range and if you have a poor signal to the router you will have effected internet speeds. If you can’t easily see your Wifi router the chances are your Wifi isn’t able to make a solid connection to your device which will cause internet speed issues.

· If you are having connection issues, clearing your internet cache can help. We wouldn’t recommend this as the first port of call but if you are having connection issues then this is something that could help and is worth giving a go. This isn’t something we would recommend being done very regularly.

Overall, we do find placing the Wifi router in an appropriate location at our repair shop to be the most effective way of maintaining our quick internet speed.

If after following these tips, you still have no luck, you can buy boosters that can be placed in various points around your home, they act as a boost for the Wifi router to strengthen your Wifi signal.

So, guys, that was our top tips on boosting your internet speed. We hope you find this blog useful and if you have been having internet speed issues, let us know if any of these tips worked for you!


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