I dropped my phone in the swimming pool, what do I do?!

The British summertime, as most of us, will be spending our time outside this summer (wind, rain or shine!) you will find yourself by a pool to cool down, as accidents happen, your phone has been dropped in the water, sinking to the bottom, ah panic, what do I do?! My phone is ruined! Not always.

However, water damaged phones and different devices are tricky repairs, they can be successful if you react quickly and wisely. The most known myth about water damaged phones is to put it into the rice and the rice will magically fix the phone, Incorrect! This does not work. So, what is the best thing to do when I find myself in this situation? First things first, do not plug your phone in to charge!!! This is the most common mistake people make when their phone has ended up at the bottom of their toilet bowl! We all know water and electricity do not mix, so why would you plug your phone in to charge after it has encountered water?

When plugging your phone onto charge this can potentially fry the phone and do more damage than good. The best thing to do if you are caught in this situation is if you have a removable battery, take it out and ensure the phone can thoroughly dry, to avoid corrosion in the phone, and start to give the device issues.

If you can’t do this take the phone into a repair shop like ours, Game Shack Gravesend, and we can completely disassemble the phone and we can thoroughly dry the device, and clear away any corrosion that may have already started to form. This can increase the phone's chances of survival, but, water damage is tricky, and we don’t always say that the phone is fully repaired as the phone can continue to work for years after or even months, weeks or days, it is an unpredictable accident/ repair.

Happy reading! :)


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