How fast is your internet?

Have you ever been watching a Facebook video or something on YouTube and it does nothing but buffer? Frustrating isn't it. Did you know it could be something to do with your internet speed?

Although internet speeds will vary, you will always have a better connection when plugged into the router opposed to using Wifi, and the speed you will require will be based on what you are using it for, the average internet speed that would be suitable for most internet browsers/low key gamers is, 30mb on the download and 5mb on the upload.

There are many different websites which you could test your internet speed on, our personal favorite is called It's a good idea to test your connection across different parts of your house, so grab your iPhone, go onto and the results will appear on your iPhone screen.

If you are not getting the speed you need, it might be worth looking into a new internet provider, at our repair shop in Perry Street, Gravesend, we have opped for Virgin Media and never had any issues so would definitely recommend them :)

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