How do I get audio back on my iPhone 7?!

Is Siri not hearing you, people cannot hear you when you are on the phone? Your phone taking longer than usual to boot up. This is a common issue with the iPhone 7 series, an issue with the audio IC.

The audio IC chip is responsible for the audio of the phone, however in the 7 series phones it is located in a part of the board that tends to flex a lot, a slight bend in the phone will cause audio issues, when your phone is in your back pocket this can easily bend the phone slightly, causing damage.

As this picture above is an extreme case, we do see phones this damaged come through our shop.

As a repair shop, we see this issue a lot, as customers come to us thinking they may need a replacement speaker if you are having issues with your audio IC, Game shack Gravesend would be more than happy to take a look at the phone and would be able to send the device off to our trusted specialists who can get that issue sorted in no time.

When fixing the audio IC this requires advanced micro soldering skills to achieve. It would be very easy to overheat the board and do permanent damage, especially with the iPhone 7 series phones, so it is always important to do your research and take it to the correct repair technician to not cause further damage to your device! As mentioned above we can diagnose this problem on your phone at Game Shack Gravesend and get that repair sorted for you.


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