Can iPads really replace laptops?

Apple are often bringing out new and Improved devices and whilst they have the Mac Book range, the iPads they are bringing out are getting more competitive to be used as laptops.

Apple continuously brings out new accessories to work alongside iPads which help to turn them into more laptop-like devices. Such as the keyboards that can be attached to iPads.

Although some iPads are quite heavy on their own, when attached to a keyboard to be used as a laptop, they are considerably lighter than the average laptop.

There do seem to be so many advantages to using an iPad as a laptop, for example, you have the option to easily add a SIM card into an iPad device so you can make sure you always have internet even on the go, without having to worry about having WiFi. Another great advantage of iPad’s is you can still use all the normal Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. On all iPads that can have iPad OS you are able to split the screen, this is a great function as it means you are able to do more than one thing at once without the need for a second screen. The ease of connecting and disconnecting a keyboard means it can quickly go from an iPad device into a laptop without too much effort. You can also get keyboards with trackpads which makes it even more laptop-like.

With the newer iPad Pro’s (Gen 4), Apple has amended the cases giving them more functions than you would even get with a laptop. For example, one of the new functions is raising the screen from the keyboard this gives more of a desktop feel to the iPad. The case itself also has a pass-through charging port which allows the actual port on the iPad to be free. The iPad’s themselves have also been further improved, with a better camera and battery life.

The use of the Apple Pencil also gives iPads an advantage over laptops. The Apple Pencil provides an advantage when working on art and design programs to really get some accurate drawings and details.

Like with everything, there are of course some disadvantages to using an iPad as a replacement laptop. Having to learn a new format and working style would be a disadvantage. Many people like to stick to what they know, everyone knows where they are with laptops, they have been around for years now, although iPads have been around for years, the idea of using them as a laptop hasn’t. People may not come around to the idea of using their iPad as a laptop because of this or they might like to keep the two devices separate.

Another disadvantage is the cost, the iPad itself is the initial cost but also the added extras which are needed to convert it into a laptop. The cost would quite quickly add up and again, this may put people off when they know they can get an actual laptop for a much better cost price.

My wife and I would always choose to use our iPads over a laptop, we find them more convenient and love how light they are. Personally, I am a huge fan of the keyboard and find it very easy to get on with. My wife loves her Apple Pencil which she always uses with the iPad no matter if she is using it like an iPad or a laptop. So, in our opinion, iPads could replace laptops extremely easily and we can see laptops eventually being phased out.

What do you think? Will you stick with laptops all the way or are you ready to make the move over to iPads for everything? Let us know what you think.

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