Why won't my controller connect to my PS5?

Why won't my controller connect to my PS5?

Your Controller not connecting to your PS5 can be caused by a number of things but no matter what’s causing it, not being able to control anything on your PS5 is a major issue. Try some of these to see if you can fix it.

Resync your PS5 Controller
To sync your controller to your PS5 make sure the controller is off, then take the USB cable that came with the controller and plug it into the console and controller. (If you do not have the original cable, make sure to use a cable that supports both power AND data. If you use a USB cable that does not support data, then nothing will happen when you try to sync it.) Once the controller is plugged into the console press the PS button on the controller. This should sync it to the PS5, once synced you can unplug it from the console and use it wirelessly.

Check the USB ports
If you are using a USB cable that supports data, but the controller still won’t sync, the USB port you plugged the controller into may be loose or dirty, make sure the cable is connected to both securely. If the ports on either the controller or console have dust or debris inside them, you can spray compressed air into the ports. Finally, you can try a different USB port on your PS5.

Unpair the controller from any other consoles or PCs
If you synced your PS5 controller to a different console or PC then you should go into that devices Bluetooth settings and unpair or “forget” the PS5 Controller on that device so that the device won’t attempt to connect to the controller when you don’t want it to. Another way to make sure the device does not connect to the PS5 controller is to simply turn off any other consoles or devices you synced the controller to.

Soft Reset the PS5
Don’t be alarmed this isn’t resetting your PS5 back to factory settings, simply hold down the power button on the front of the PS5 until it shuts down. Then turn the PS5 back on and attempt to sync the controller again.

Reset the PS5 Controller
Straighten out a paperclip and press the reset button which is found inside the small hole back of the controller slightly towards the left trigger side. This will factory reset the controller and remove any sort of configurations or errors in the controller’s software. Then you should be able to sync it to your PS5 again as if it were a new controller.

Have the Controller repaired or replaced
If your controller is completely dead you should contact Sony using their fix and replace website. As long as your controller is still under warranty then they should repair the controller or send you a replacement.

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