Why is won’t my connect to the internet?

Why is won’t my connect to the internet?
Your phone not connecting to the internet can be caused by something on your phone or it might be something to do with your internet.

Check your internet connection on another device
Before trying anything on your phone you should test your Wi-Fi on another device, if no device connected to your Wi-fi can reach the web then it means the problem lies with your router or its connection to the internet. Check your router for coloured lights or indicators and look in the manual to see what they mean. If you are using cellular data to connect online, use your home Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi hotspot to search online to see if your mobile providers data services are down. If it is the fault of your provider being down, then there isn’t anything you can do but wait for them to bring it back online.

Restart your wireless router
If no other device can connect to your Wi-Fi network you can try restarting your router, sometimes your router may disconnect from your internet provider and restarting it can reconnect it the internet.


Restart Phone and reconnect
As simple as it may sound, the number of times a simple restart can fix things is astonishing. Simply hold down the power button on your phone and click restart, or just turn your phone off and then back on again. Then just open your Wi-Fi or Data settings and reconnect to your network. You can also try “Forgetting” your Wi-Fi network in your settings and reconnecting and retyping the password to try and connect back to the internet.

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