Why is my android phone so slow?

Why is my android phone so slow?
Having a slow phone can be one of the most infuriating thing that can happen to your phone, but there are a lot of ways to fix this issue.

Restart your Phone
It may sound simple, but many people keep their phones on for months at time or even longer without ever turning them off or restarting them. Restarting your phone will close down all background apps and processes and can cause your phone to speed up significantly. To restart the vast majority of android phones you simply hold down the power button until the power options appear on screen then select restart.

Check for updates
If you haven’t updated your phone in a while there may be an update available that has changed that could speed up your phone or fix issues you may be facing. To check for updates, open the settings, go to the advanced tab, and tap system update. Your phone should then check for updates and if an update is available give you the option to update.

Clear some space
If your phone is full up with apps and data it can affect performance, you should see if there are any apps or files you can delete. Checking storage space on android can vary depending on who manufactures them so look up how to check storage on your specific phone model which can be found in the about phone area of the settings.

Close apps you aren’t using
Many people do not close apps fully after they are finished using them and end up with large amounts of apps running the background. To properly close an app on android you need to open the background apps menu. This is done by tapping the button usually on the bottom right or left of your phone, it usually is represented by a square, rectangle or two squares overlapping each other. Then you can swipe up or click close on apps you are finished using to properly close them down. You should do this every time you are finished with an app in order to not build up large number of background apps and to keep your phone at full speed. You can also close all your current open apps by tapping the close all button or by restarting your phone.

Reset your phone
If nothing else works you can try completely reset your phone. First search up how to create a backup of your phone. After creating a backup head to settings, general management and reset. Choose to reset your phone. This will reset everything back to factory settings. Your phone should now speed up a lot more. If after restoring your backup your phone slows back down you should look into apps that may be causing the problem.


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