Hydrogel VS Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Hydrogel VS Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

After purchasing your brand new shiny smart phone, the next step would be looking into the best protection for it. Understanding the difference between the different protectors is vital to making an educated decision.

When searching into what screen protector would be best for your phone it can become overwhelming in choice, with the best ones currently being; Hydrogel or Tempered glass.

Tempered glass is what most of us reach for when replacing our new screen protectors, as these have been the best on the market for many years now, however the new technology of the hydrogel screen protectors may be the best way forward. Gel protectors are more expensive than the tempered glass, however the technology behind them is a no brainer. Hydrogel’s technology allows it to repair itself from harsh scratches. The protectors are made from soft TPU materials, making these more reliable than glass.

The pros of the hydrogel protectors;

  • The gel fits smoothly onto your smartphone, allowing edge to edge protection, as well as protecting the curved screens too.
  • Quick Response, due to the thinness of the gel, this allows the screen to stay touch sensitive, so it will still pick up every slight touch.
  • Offers maximum protection from accidental falls
  • Gel doesn’t shatter like tempered glass, making it safer, from not getting little bits of glass everywhere.
  • Lasts longer then tempered glass.
  • Different types of Gel are offered to; shiny, matte, blue light.

The installation of a gel screen protector is simpler and quicker than a tempered glass, not to mention the gel can be cut out to any sized phone making it easy for anybody to get their hands on one.

The feel of both screen protectors would be a personal preference, with the tempered glass your fingers glide smoothly over it, but the gel protectors would be more malleable, however, giving you a sleeker look to the phone, as the glass protector is slightly more visible. That being said, both protectors still offer maximum protection.

To wrap up, both screen protectors will protect your phone to an extent, both protectors will give you full protection, the choice is up to you.

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