How do I upgrade my PS5 storage?

How do I upgrade my PS5 storage?

If you have run out of storage on your PS5 and do not want to delete anything you can expand your storage with an M.2 SSD. For a video tutorial of how to do this you can check the official PlayStation support channel here.

Preparing your PS5
The first step to expanding your PS5s storage is to unplug it from mains power and take out any cables connecting it to your TV or other devices. Then position the PS5 on a flat surface so that the PlayStation logo is facing down, and the power button is facing away from you. Grip the top-left corner, now lift the cover, and slide it off.

Installing the M.2
Now you should see a cover near the fan, remove the screw from the slot cover and then remove it. Now remove the screw and be careful to keep both the screw and spacer that is attached to it. Move the spacer to the groove that matches where the hole on your M.2 SSD will be when installed, keep the screw out for now. Hold the edge of the M.2 SSD and align it with the notch on the connector then at a diagonal angle insert it all the way in. Now that it is connected to the console tilt the SSD down and fasten it to the spacer with the screw that was originally inside the expansion slot.

Formatting the M.2
Place the cover back over the expansion slot and screw it back in, if it does not close properly the M.2 SSDs cooling system is likely too large to fit inside the PS5. Place the PS5 Side cover about 2cm away from the top edge and slide it back into place. Connect your PS5 back to your TV and power and turn it on. The formatting guide should appear, follow the on-screen instructions to format the SSD and begin using your expanded storage.

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