How do I fix PS5 “No Signal” to TV?

How do I fix PS5 “No Signal” to TV?

If your PS5 is turning on but nothing is displaying on you TV, there could be a number of problems effecting it. The first things you should try are:

Make sure the cable is connected to the HDMI port on both your TV and PS5:
It may sound simple, but the cable could have been knocked out of either the TV or PS5 by accident. Make sure to check first and if you find the cable unplugged, plug it back in, and see if the TV is still displaying no signal.


Make sure the TV is set to the right input:
Another simple but surprisingly common problem is that the TV is set to the wrong input, many TVs list the name of the input above or next to the HDMI port the console is plugged into, if your TVs HDMI ports aren’t labelled simply switch through all of the HDMI inputs on your TV to see if any are the correct one.


Try a different HDMI display to make sure the TV isn’t the problem:
It may actually be that the TV is the cause of the problem and not the PS5 itself, to test this try plugging the PS5 into a different display and see if you can get it to display. If the PS5 displays on that TV, then the original display it was connected too may have issues.


Get the HDMI port replaced:
If nothing else is solving your problem it may be that the HDMI port on your PS5 has unfortunately broken, they can however be replaced. Since the PS5 is quite new, your best bet is first to call Sony, and explain the problem, they will most likely offer to replace or fix your PS5 if it is under warranty. However, if Sony refuse or are incapable of fixing the HDMI port your second option should be to go to a repair shop you trust who can get the console HDMI port replaced for you.

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