5 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Lots of people only use the basic functions of their iPhones and are not getting the most out of their phone but there are lots of hidden functions that are so useful!

Here are 6 useful and easy to apply hidden features for your iPhone.

  1. Hide photos

We hand our phones over to people all the time for various reasons. If you have any photos you don’t want to share with everyone Apple have created a way to hide your personal pictures so only you can see them.

How? Inside photos select images as you would like to hide and tap the share button and select hide. Your chosen images will disappear from all locations in your library but you will be able to see them in the hidden album.


  1. Calculator

The calculator app is certainly useful but here are a couple extra tips that might come in handy.

Back space – made a mistake and just want to delete the last number you tapped instead of starting from scratch? Easy. Just swipe left or right at the top of the screen and it will remove the last number you entered.

Scientific calculator – whilst in the calculator app twist your iPhone to landscape and it will change to add lots of extra options.


  1. Notifications via flash

This can be really useful if you are hard of hearing or if you just prefer a visual alert to an audible one.

How? Go to settings and select accessibility. Then choose Audio/Visual and turn on the LED Flash for Alerts toggle.

Once you have enabled this feature an extra toggle will appear that asks if you want it to flash while on silent or not.





  1. Back tap (iOS 14 update)

Apple have added a new option in their latest update that allows you to perform a function just by tapping the back of your iPhone. There are many functions you can choose from e.g., Screen shot, lock screen etc. and you can even choose how many taps it takes to enable to function. So once set up taking a screenshot is as easy as tapping the back of your phone!

How? Go to settings and select accessibility. Then select touch. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Back tap. Then you need to choose either double tap or triple tap to select the desired function.


  1. Assistive touch

Has your home button broken? Assistive touch can help. Enabling this function will help you navigate your phone without the use of your button.

How? Go to settings and choose accessibility then select touch and turn on Assistive Touch.

To open your phone while using assistive touch when your home button is broken just press the power button and then touch the virtual home button and select home.

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